Here’s The New Technologies The United States Is Exploring For Future Defenses

Technology is bringing a great revolution in every walks of human life and it’s changing the world faster than you can say ThisIndulge. It holds true for the nation’s security as well. An announcement was recently made by the President of the United States about the New Defense Tech for the US. [CLICK TO TWEET]

It will not be an overstatement to say that we cannot think about a day and even an hour without technology these days. Thanks to the innovations made across the world. When this is happening in the one end of the civilian life, the other end experiences tensions in the international hot spots. So, the Research & Development wing of the United States Military is gaining more urgency in the present situation. Every year, the country is spending more than $80 billion for the generation and for the creation of new armor, weapons and related gear. In fact, there is a considerable increase like about 5% of the expenses made by the United States in these areas as compared to the previous year. When these things are happening as planned, the President of the United States recently announced about a new defense tech this year.

Space force of Mr. Trump: [CLICK TO TWEET]

The President recently announced that space is going to be the new battleground for the United States that he is interested to explore. He expressed his desire for space-based weaponry that will act as the shield over the United States while nullifying the missiles of enemies.

Unveiling new defense strategy: [CLICK TO TWEET]

The president announced about the new defense tech when he was unveiling a new defense strategy recently. However, the plan just indicated that a budget is being created for carrying out research in the missile sensor. It is true that for more than four decades, the Presidents of the United States have dreamt of creating a missile shield over their home nation. So, the present President has moved towards modernization of the defense system to create this shield. However, it will not be an overstatement to say that he is taking it the new level literally into space.

What was the President’s statement? [CLICK TO TWEET]
When talking about the new defense tech, the President said “We will recognize the space is the new war-fighting domain with the space force leading the way. My upcoming budget will invest in a space-based missile defense protection” He further added that it is a new technology and it is finally going to be a very huge project that the defense of the nation and for the offense as well.

What do experts say? [CLICK TO TWEET]
After this news, it is expected that there will be a shift felt across the globe. However, some experts are of the opinion that the thing pointed out by the President is not actually in the plan of the Pentagon. Also, experts are of the opinion whether it will be possible to put weapons on the space and the feasibility need to be studied for the next six months.

With the announcement made by the president, we can expect a change in climate across the world. Let us wait and watch!

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