INNOVATIVE IDEAL: KHLOE THOMPSON - Philanthropist Kid Activist For The Homeless

Khloe's passion is to help others and inspire other kids to be a catalyst. She lives by the quote: "Don’t let your age stop you from what you want to do." -Khloe Thompson (CLICK TO TWEET)


Khloe Kares — a nonprofit organization that supplies the homeless with Kare bags filled with over 25 bare necessity items that women need daily. She's using her platform to accomplish things that kids her age don’t do. She doesn't move with the crowd, she takes her own path to show people that kids can make an impact in the world.
This is the reason why we picked her to be our first Innovative Ideal - as to show aspiring and indulging young people out to change the world for the better - at the age of ten years old she works to help others by starting her own nonprofit organization. She now uses her platform also to inspire and motivate other kids to be the change makers and also contributed to install water pumps in Ghana.

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Khloe's Story

Khloe Thompson was born in Orange County, California on March 30th, 2007. She would pass the same homeless woman on her way to school every day, and started asking her mom why or how the woman became homeless. And it upset her. From that point, she knew she had to do something to help her. At the time her grandma was teaching her how to make shoulder bags and tote bags. She started with a tote bag that she and her great-grandma made together. And she asked if they could make more of them so she can pass them out to homeless women. And they did!

The Start Of Khloe Kares

One lady, that she passed her bag out to told her that she made her feel human. And another lady that just wet herself and she gave her a bag, she told her “thank you, I wish I could give you a hug, but I just wet myself.” So she told her “that’s ok, they stuff in your bag will help you clean.” She has run into a lot of amazing women and has a lot of cool stories about the many people she have helped at only 10 years old. As of right now, she is out on the streets of skid row supporting people, loving people and showing compassion. Hosting many events for the homeless so that they know that they are cared for. You can donate to her projects <<HERE>>.
She is inspired by all the ladies that she helped. The love that they show her keeps her going to help more people and grow Khloe Kares. It’s been 4 years now that since Khloe Kares started. And a lot has changed, and have improved a lot. To host more events, now traveling to speak to schools and organizations about what she does. She's homeschooled now because of her travel schedule, and so she can help more people.

Khloe Kares Next Big Projects

The end game for Khloe Kares is to open community centers in both Los Angeles and Ghana. She will have a community center in Ghana next year. So once some grants get approved she'll start building that. In Los Angeles, she plans on having a meeting with the city governments to talk about her plans. It’s a work in progress, but she sees it happening in the next 5 years.
She never thought that Khloe Kares would get to where it is now she thought she would of just pass out a few, and that be it. Now she gets to travel all over the world, speak about her story and still continue to help people around the globe.

Khloe's Legacy

One of her favorite moment was when she installed her first water pump in Ghana. It was a large ceremony! The villages all came out, and there were music and dancing. It was just magical. Doing the ribbon cutting and turning on the water was one of her favorite moments. She is currently working on a massive project in Ghana now. She's getting 20-30 bathroom stall put in a school with over 1500 students attend. This school only have 3 bathroom stalls at the moment, and it’s one of the schools she visited when she traveled to Ghana. You can donate to help her on that project <<HERE>>.

True story: last year in November when we traveled back to Ghana, my friend Blessing (one of the Sunday morning girls) made sure she became the school president... one of the things she promised was to get new bathrooms in her school. So when I went to speak at her school, she pulled me aside and whispered in my ear “Khloe, we have to get a new bathroom. I promised”. Her promise is now my promise because we are sisters and we take care of each other. I actually got to see the bathroom that they have it’s small, no toilets, no place to wash your hands and yes there was #2 💩 all around the floor by the bathrooms. You may turn your face up while your reading this... but what else are kids to do when there isn’t enough bathrooms ? I originally had a goal of just $10,000 but to do things the right way Im raising $16,000. To get a 20-30 stall bathroom. Here in the U.S. we send our kids to school with bathrooms. My friends should have them too. So please, click the link in my bio. I told my mom “ we always figure it out” and together with your help we will... REPOST. SHARE. DONATE. anything helps to get the word out there. I’m making a difference.... and your helping too. . . . . #khloekares #karebags #instakid #helpingothers #love #ghana #newyork #selflove #losangeles #LA #volunteer #goodgoesround #monday #water #butterfly #choosekindness #bethechange #ny #buzzfeed #popsugar #ellen #humanity #khloe #friends #ootd #photooftheday #makeadifference #blackgirlsdo
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She wants her legacy to be that she lead the way or at least she opened the doors for other kids to have the confidence to love their dreams and/or passion. And not just kids here in the U.S. but the kids she mentored and spoke to in Ghana. By the time she's 13, She will have open her own community center in Ghana and kids will be able to use that center to make their dreams a reality. The center will provide resources for kids to get skills like business planning, sewing skills, access to books, and a place that they can use to do their homework. She wants to be known for not only helping the homeless but also about creating opportunities for others.


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