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ThisIndulge Is A Catalyst For Young Adults.
We believe the best way to improve the world is by inspiring and empowering young adults. Simple to understand, keen storytelling with immersive creatives.

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The Beginner’s Guide to ThisIndulge: A Catalyst For Young Adults

Since the start of ThisIndulge, we had a lot of hiccups/experimentations, but we kept working as we want to help young adults build a better life for themselves and help change the status quo of the world to make the world a better place.

The Beginner’s Guide to ThisIndulge: A Catalyst For Young Adults
The Beginner’s Guide to ThisIndulge: A Catalyst For Young Adults

So What is ThisIndulge?

Well if you haven't read our About page and learn more about us, that's fine. Basically said we are a digital media company as of right now but we aim to be more than just another digital media company.

Our mission is to be a catalyst for young adults to help them inspire, feel, and regain their life from where ever they might be in life. Whether you are in financial debt or living your best life, we want to escort YOU to discover and pursue a more independent, fulfilling, and informed life through everything that's happening in the world and your personal life to bring insight, tranquility and help you take action to fix global challenges, to change the world for the better.

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What does ThisIndulge Involve?

It will not be an overstatement to say that ThisIndulge is a catalyst for the young minds not just to inspire them, but also to help them regain their life from any mistakes they have made. Yes, we want to lead the next generation of digital media. We are aiming to merge digital media, entertainment, and tech to bring more valuable and helpful content to you and reach more of our audience and to pay attention to young people, who aim to change the status quo not just in their personal lives, but also in the entire world.

That is why the most crucial matter of what we do is releasing new projects to help connect with you more and to help us understand our community and bring more diversity into our growing community. Wish is why we are making our latest project our novel Crasher: Mind Of A Killer available for FREE for one week. We are working on tons of future projects such as KARO! Also, Nohalt App which will help you discover and book curated experiences happening around you that will bring value to your time and help you experience the world around you.

What has been ThisIndulge doing since the foundation?

Right from the foundation, the company is committed to intensifying eccentric education and engaging young adults in the very best things in their lives and around them. In turn, they experience positive changes in their life, and they can live their life to the fullest.

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What will you learn from ThisIndulge?

We posts valuable articles and contents on a wide range of categories such as

  • Life & Culture were we would discuss topics about what changes are happening in our world, new technology impacting how we live, predictions on the future base on the present problem facing our society and more.
  • Thought & Style were we will discuss topics that will help improve your lifestyle to be less materialistic, how to love your body and how to spend your free times to benefit you in the future.
  • Travel & Relax were we will discuss topics like planning a great night out, celebrating your birthday, traveling the world, and exploring cities around the world.
  • Wellness & Wellbeing were we will discuss topics about how to improve your financial, mental and physical wellbeing to help you be healthy and help you make the right decisions for your wellbeing.
  • Also, Innovative Ideal to recognize people who are changing the world, making an impact and improving their and others lives around them.

So you will find information that will help you almost in every walks of your life. The fundamental purpose behind the formation of ThisIndulge was, and will forever be to be a catalyst that inspires young adults to feel and regain their life in every manner possible. When it comes to useful life-related contents, you can confidently head to ThisIndulge from now without any hesitation.

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For One Week Only You Can Get A Free Copy Of Crasher: Mind Of A Killer!

As of yesterday, I release our first novel written by me the Editor In Chief of ThisIndulge, Jordan Decembre. The time had finally come to share with you and the world my first ever ebook. I remember the moment when I started writing this novel. I was so excited to write it, as I am right now to finally share it with you and get it out in your hands to read, love and share with your friends.

This novel is -A MUST READ- a psychological thriller about how one bad day turns Zach into a psycho killer, killing people in the dead of night in their sleep as its the only way he finds peace dealing with his depression. I don't want to ruin it for you, so get your copy now as I am making it FREE for one week on Amazon so get yourself a copy and tell your friend to get a copy.


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