A Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Style

Finding your style is a great way to simplify your day, so you don't have to think long about what to wear in the morning and increase your confidence by having simplicity in your outfits.

A Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Style
A Beginner's Guide to Finding Your Style

We all see the wealthiest and most successful people wear the same outfits every day. Whether to increase productivity or reduce decision fatigue. We can't escape making decisions even in our dreams we’re thinking about what's next. While it might seem meager, adopting a more universal, uniform style might provide you better decision making power for the day.

Finding your style is a straightforward process you have to decide on what you like and what clothes bring you competency and feel right to do all your favorite hobbies and activities. No, you should not go and buy the same outfit for every days of the week. That's not it!

Declutter Your Closet

Remove all items, you don't like or wear anymore. Make a Keep and Sell pile then separate every item to either keep or sell. This process will help to eliminate the distractions of clothes that you don't wear anymore but always give a second thought to every day. Make sure to keep only the items that are clean and concise to the style you want to project and that you'll love to wear. With fewer clothes the easier it is to do laundry.

By wearing less throughout the week, you'll have less to wash. Freeing up time for you to focus on what’s more important. Rather than doing laundry, and folding clothes. By wearing the same thing every day, you'll quickly discover it's not the clothes you are wearing.

Make You're Own Neutral

Have a look at the basics that work across situations. Think about your day, week or month: how does it look? Where do you spend most of your times? What activities do you enjoy doing? My most frequent outfit these days tends to be a nice-fitting black or grey T-shirt and casual black jeans. By recognizing what clothes were most important and look good to me. Finding your style can take time, but understanding what you feel self-confident and content in is empowering.

Also, you need items that can be mixed and integrate with other things seamlessly. Furthermore, we should shop smartly. When you go to buy new items, imagine its place in your closet years from now. Will you still desire it? Instead, focus on quality goods that can last years and, possibly, by brands who support you to repair and recycle before you sell it for something new.

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Embrace Your Body Shape

You are what you wear, keep that in mind. Even though it's not all about what you wear, but the outfit should be an extension of who you are and what you want to ensue. Being fashionable is about keeping up with the latest trends, but being stylish is having a constant personal vision about what looks good on you and make you feel the most comfortable and confident wearing.

Finding Your Style Vibe

Having a partner can cause you to letting some things slide. Getting comfortable is nice. But getting too comfortable can hurt as it's the first step on the road to being sloppy. If you and your partner have forsaken all others, don’t make each other regret it. Dressing well is a skill so boost your style by trying different items periodically that make you full of competency to what you wear. Also, try to learn why you like something.

I hope that this will help you find or improve your style and if you have any other questions or maybe want to share some additional tips: please leave them down below. I would love to read your comments 🙂or hit us on Instagram or Facebook! And of course, if you liked this post, please feel free to follow my blog or bookmark it with CTRL+D!


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