INNOVATIVE IDEAL: JEET BANERJEE - How A 17 Years Old Built An Empire And Got To Speak At TEDx?

Jeet's passion is to help more people who are unhappy with their mundane jobs, degrees, and situations to create their own business and be successful at it! He lives by Mahatma Gandhi's quote: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." -Jeet Banerjee (CLICK TO TWEET)
INNOVATIVE IDEAL: JEET BANERJEE - How A 17 Years Old Built An Empire And Got To Speak At TEDx?

Jeet's Story

Jeet Banerjee, born on November 27th, 1992, in Southern California and have lived there ever since. He's serial entrepreneur who got his start in entrepreneurship at the age of 17. Since then, he has launched 15+ businesses, sold two companies, spoke at TEDx and built an academy creating new entrepreneurs.

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The Start Of Income Incubator

He had the idea for the Income Incubator a few years ago when he kept having people reaching out to him asking how to build a successful online business. He was getting a lot of press coverage after selling his second startup company, and he wanted to help everyone but on a scalable platform.

That's where the idea of the Income Incubator was born! He just took everything he knew about building successful online businesses and shared it on a one easy to learn academy!

Income Incubator is an online academy where he teaches people exactly how he managed to build the different successful businesses he has today.

He remembers along the journey as he began getting recognition for his successes; people kept reaching out to him asking for help. However, it's not possible to help someone start an online business just with one email or a quick phone call.

He knew he had to find a better way to deliver the knowledge which he felt was best through building an academy and a community. The goal of the academy is to help more people who are unhappy with their mundane jobs, degrees, and situations to create their own business and be successful at it!

Every business he starts and master will be made into a course for his students to learn. The most recent one he will be creating will be for Dropshipping & Building Ecom Stores.

It was much work. He's someone who is always trying to provide the most value possible, so when he told his team, he wanted to drop a course for every successful business he had started to date they thought he was crazy.

It was a 1-year project putting all the content together where he felt like it had the most value possible for students and they continue dropping more content all the time. His team thought he should do one course or something, but he wanted to do it all, and he made sure to carry his vision out.

It's been a journey getting it to where it's at today, which is 800+ students and a growing community but he's never shy of working hard, he always embraced the challenge.

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Income Incubator Next Innovative Project

For his team and him, they are continually looking to scale and acquire more students for our academy. The way they do that is by launching and pushing out effective marketing campaigns, which is a constant focal point for me.

The endgame for Income Incubator is to impact millions of people by having them join the academy around the world and changing their lives. The pan is to keep creating excellent content, having students share their successes and continuing to market it to the next level.

Jeet manifests everything in his mind before he does it. His process is pretty simple for building successful businesses. He finds an idea he thinks is right. He tests it, he improves it and then scales and grows it!

We've partnered with his team to get you 70% OFF The Income Incubator just use the code: "thisindulge-20" at checkout. I am currently enrolled in the academy and it's pretty informative with all the 7 courses it offers.

Jeet's Legacy

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