An Indulger's Guide To Having A Productive Summer

Finally, summer has arrived. School is out, and summer break is in full gear. Perfect time to do stuff on your own time and schedule. Some promises have been made or broken, but it can still be a great summer. {Click To Tweet!}

An Indulger's Guide To Having A Productive Summer

You can let your brain and muscles degenerate by spending all your time in bed. But the possibilities are endless even if you woke up at 1 pm every day we want to help you make this summer fun and productive.

Create A Bucket List.

You'll probably get bored at some point or have nothing to do by creating a bucket list you'll have ideas and things to do all summer long. Be sure to put the most meaningful things you want to do on top and see what limit you will go to accomplish them or are you going to be lazy and quit before achieving the first thing on the list.

Do Something Different.

If you want to keep your brain focused for an extended or a short period. You can read our novel Crasher: Mind Of A Killer to start-it's FREE for all indulgers who are subscribed to our mailing list.- also, did you know you can contribute articles to ThisIndulge? Yes, We are not messing with you, and it will get published on the site. It can be about any topics that you feel comfortable talking about and want to share with our audiences.

You can also start to listen to podcasts while you commute, cook, or wait in line. Those are all great things that will help you significantly bring value to your time and others around you.

Learn Something New.

Use online resources to do some self-improvement that in topics or careers that you are interested in. Take time to invest in yourself as no one else will care about you as much as you do. It's also the perfect time to pick up another hobby, skill, or even another language. You can teach yourself how to code HTML, JAVA, or Python for FREE on websites like Codecademy, Khanacademy, W3schools, and Wikiversity. Language learning resources like Duolingo or by merely changing the language on your phone or our website (Click on ☰ and scroll down to Translate and you'll be able to read the site in any language).

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Get On The Job Experience.

A summer job in a career of interest is a great way to have a productive summer while also gaining real-world experience and a paycheck. Someone with a passion for graphic designs, and modern can take a summer job at the local museum teaching visitors and helping the staff find clean and efficient ways to take care of the arts.

Maybe you’re interested in healthcare, and you can check to see if your doctor’s office is looking for an intern to help process patient records and paperwork. That will help give you insight into the day-to-day pursuits of a doctor’s office and what it takes to keep their office organized and running smoothly.

Other opportunities for on the job experience can include assisting with studies at your local university or even sharpening your coding skills by taking on some freelance work from a local business or on Fiverr.

Organize Your Living Environments.

Do you ever feel like you have too much stuff? Or want to change your style for the next year of school? Well, this is the perfect time to go through everything one by one. And ideally, arrange everything to your liking and declutter your room, house or closet.

There are dozens of ways to spend your summertime productively while earning money and having fun in the process.

I hope that this will help you and if you have any other questions or maybe want to share some additional tips: please leave them down below and click here to get more of ThisIndulge. I would love to read your comments 🙂

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