Are You Ready For NoHalt?

On June 21st, ThisIndulge will launch NoHalt in Miami. And you’ll see why 2019 will never be the same again. NoHalt is created to help you explore the world around you, by giving you access to the most desirable places without hindering what you are trying to accomplish.

Are You Ready For NoHalt
Are You Ready For NoHalt

NoHalt will revolutionize the lifestyle landscape by enabling YOU to discover and experience the world around you quickly, and book expert-curated experiences that deliver the best services from restaurants, to nightclubs, to events — making it smooth and seamless for you to explore the world.
If you struggle to find tables last minute and hate waiting in line to get in everywhere you go? Every day, you’ll see available bookings at hidden gems, trendy hotspots, and even Michelin-starred experiences. Allowing you to reserve those hard to book spots in seconds.
This will be a groundbreaking digital platform from ThisIndulge. Connecting users with extraordinary bookable experiences on demand to amend you to live an extraordinary life. NoHalt guarantees the best available rates, and partners with the world’s most stylish and desirable experiences to create a direct dialogue with you and drive bookings.
It will launch first in Miami as it is a prime destination for the best events in the world. This first version will be a BETA created for the user to get a feel for their vision and give them feedback and to see what the market needs and wants. We want you to take the app to its absolute limit to help them improve and create the best app to service your needs.

Be Sure To Join The Waitlist: to be one of the first to use the app when it launches.
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