INNOVATIVE IDEAL: RYAN SCRIBNER - A Small Town Boy Following His Passion For Teaching Others About Personal Finance

Ryan's passion is for teaching others and has always had a natural interest in money/personal finance. He lives by the quote: "love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life." -Ryan Scribner (CLICK TO TWEET)

Ryan's Story

Ryan Scribner, a 24 years old born and raised in a small town in rural Upstate NY. His father is a Financial Advisor, so he's grown up around discussions of personal finance which lead him down this path to educating others.

He has taken deep dive into looking at what others are doing and trying to stay one step ahead and strategizing with others on topics to create viral content to spread financial awareness.

This process originates through multiple planning sessions and discussions on what is missing from a mass audience educational aspect, and how can he deliver the missing pieces in a simple easy to understand way. Simplicity has always been at the core of what he does and allows him to relate to a broad audience easily.

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The Start Of Scribner Media

Not hard because he loves what he does so it never really feels like work, you have to do something you are passionate about. How's the saying go, "love what you do, and you'll never work a day in your life."

Seeing the huge financial mistakes, his coworkers were making (buying expensive cars, clothes, fast food) and realizing most people don't know anything about personal finance or investing. He decided to take action and obtained a classroom style whiteboard from Staples and started making videos in His spare bedroom at home.

Fun fact, one of His first ever videos were recorded during His lunch break in His car behind a Wal-Mart just talking to the camera. There's never a wrong time to start creating, case and point!

The importance of learning these essential financial lessons early on to take advantage of compound interest. Seeing money make money for you is one of the fascinating aspects of investing. Once you see the "ah ha!" moment of the light coming on in someone's head when they realize the importance of investing, it makes it all worthwhile. There are enough stressors in the world; creating a secure financial future shouldn't be one of them.

The pillars of Scribner Media boil down to 3 key areas,

  1. To fill the gap between high school and the real world when it comes to personal finance and money management.
  2. To show young people how easy and important it is to invest early on to set up a secure financial future.
  3. Finally, as mentioned before it's about keeping it simple, anyone should be able to watch a video of mine and not need a Finance degree to understand the content.

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Scribner Media Next Innovative Project

Always looking at new avenues to expand Scribner Media and broaden the reach, as that will only continue to fulfill His mission of educating as many people as possible. The brand will continue to evolve, but at this time it sticks to the core platforms of YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook as that provides the most natural path for now.

Pay attention to other channels in His niche, repurpose proven content, hiring multiple contractors (WordPress SEO, IG management, YT management, blog writer) learning how to delegate has been tremendous in terms of letting him focus on content creation.

When you can free your mind of the day to day operations through trusted partners, it makes the mission easier to deliver upon. That doesn't mean hand over the keys to the castle to anyone, but get to know others in your space and allow mutual growth and creativity to drive both sides to success together.

He never thought He would even have 100,000 subscribers; it is amazing how much demand there is for educational content on YouTube. When He thinks of His current subscriber count on YouTube (403,000) and try to visualize all of them it blows His mind!

Some things to come would be publishing a book that he's been working on, some speaking engagements and seminars as well. The energy from speaking engagements is excellent, and the discussions immediately afterward with attendees hearing their feedback motivate him to continue down this road of educational content creation through any means necessary.

Ryan's Legacy

His legacy is simple; honestly; it is showing people that there is a different path out there. He never learned about entrepreneurship or anything like that in high school, and want to share this path with others who might also be interested.


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