An Indulger's Guide To Building Up Your Willpower

You may have read how we said willpower is the hardest thing for you to stay disciplined. That's because willpower is the foundation of discipline, and it's the hardest to build to accomplish any of your goals. And laying a great foundation by building your willpower will help you be more discipline. [CLICK TO TWEET]

An Indulger's Guide To Building Up Your Willpower

1. Change your Mindset.

The amount of willpower a person has is determined by their beliefs, according to a Stanford University study. Keep an open mind to change your mindset and aim it to the goals you are trying to accomplish. The more you focus on your goals, the more likely you will achieve them. It is best to FOCUS on one goal at a time. It only takes three weeks to build a habit, so focus on one goal for three weeks until it becomes a habit. Don’t place a limit on your self-control; if you do, you will most likely exhaust yourself before meeting your goal.

Your internal expectations about how fast you will see result determine how much you will achieve. If you can remove these mental obstacles and show up every day and give your all, then you will provide yourself with an extra boost of motivation toward making those goals an accomplishment.

2. Have a plan.

“Implementation intention” is a proven psychologist technique that boosts your willpower. That’s when you create a plan to address a future conflict that you will encounter. For example, imagine that you’re working on getting fitter, but you’re going to a birthday party where food will be served. That's not a part of your diet.

Before you leave, tell yourself that you will not cheat and eat what part of your diet or drink water and mingle with others. Going in with a plan will help give you the mindset and the self-control necessary for the situation. You will also save energy by not having to make a sudden decision based on your emotional state.

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3. Reward yourself.

Give yourself something to be excited about by planning a reward when you accomplish your goals. Just like when you were a little kid and got a treat for good behavior, having something to look forward to gives you the motivation to succeed.

Foresight is powerful. It gives you something to obsess over and focus on, so you’re not only thinking of what you are trying to change. And when you achieve your goal, find a new purpose and a unique reward to keep yourself moving forward.

4. Self-acceptance is better than guilt.

Even with all of our best intentions and well-laid plans, we sometimes fall short. It happens. You will have ups and downs, enormous successes, and dismal failures. The key is to keep moving forward. The feeling of guilt puts us in bad moods, and our brains start seeking rewards for immediate gratification. Unfortunately, this is at the expense of the goal you are trying to accomplish, so forgive yourself and move forward.

If you stumble, acknowledge what caused it and move on. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in guilt, anger, or frustration, because these emotions will only drag you further down and impede future progress. Learn from your missteps and forgive yourself. Then get your head back in the game and refocus on your goals.

5. Get some fucking rest.

Stop waking up late and start waking up early. One of the biggest thing that everyone needs to do is to go to sleep get some rest so you can wake up well rested and ready to take on the new day. By doing this, you will help yourself make better decisions, get out of bed early, have more energy.

Being sleep deprived is shown to be similar to being intoxicated. Your will power will get depleted, so do the most important things first. The moment you wake up, start on whatever you are trying to accomplish for that day.

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I hope that this will help you and if you have any other questions or maybe want to share some additional tips: please leave them down below or check us out online @ThisIndulge. I would love to read your comments 🙂


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