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Indulging Mockumentary To Watch When Bored!

The documentaries everybody hates and loves, also known as mockumentaries. Mockumentary -as defined by the Urban Dictionary- is “a film that has the look and feel of a television documentary, but with the irreverent humor and slapstick of a comedy, designed to "mock" the documentary or subject it features.” {Click To Tweet!}

Indulging Mockumentary To Watch When Bored!

Since mockumentaries exist as a reflection of documentaries, the genre will continue to evolve as new trends emerge. Mockumentaries work because when the audience feels like they're in on the joke, this is when mockumentaries genuinely succeed.

And these are some mockumentaries I would watch over and over. And I recommend them to everybody. So here are the eight mockumentaries that are worth your time, and you will enjoy. “Truth is stranger than fiction, and invented truth is stranger than both!”

FLAT EARTH: To The Edge And Back

Many believers at the Flat Earth International Conference, an educational seminar about our planet, support the theory that Earth is flat. In an age where people can access information seemingly on any perspective or opinion - even if decisively incorrect - this documentary shows the dangers of confirmation bias.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

Outrageous situations occur when Borat, a famous reporter (Sacha Baron Cohen) from Kazakhstan, comes to the United States to film a documentary on what makes America a great nation. Along the way, he manages to offend just about everyone he meets, fall in love with actress Pamela Anderson and set forth on a cross-country journey to make her his wife.

Rare in the sense that most of the participants were unaware they were participating in a fake documentary, Borat uses the time-worn trope of a fool who “inadvertently” exposes the prejudices of the people around him. Sacha Baron Cohen is in top form here, expertly maintaining character at fancy dinners and racist rodeos alike.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

When it becomes clear that his solo album is a failure, a former boy band member does everything in his power to maintain his celebrity status. Childhood friends Conner (Andy Samberg), Owen (Jorma Taccone) and Lawrence (Akiva Schaffer) found fame and fortune after forming the hip-hop group the Style Boyz.

Owen and Lawrence faded into the background when frontman Conner left the band to launch a successful solo career. Now, the egotistical singer decides to film a documentary about his life while he's still on top. When his second album flops, the camera is there to capture his world come crashing down.


Blacklisted, after crashing into a runway presentation, a flamboyant Austrian fashionista travels to the United States, where he hopes to launch a celebrity interview show. In his quest for superstardom, Brüno (Sacha Baron Cohen) sparks one outrageous situation after another, pushing the boundaries of decorum to the breaking point.

Killing Gunther

Robert `Gunther' Bendik is renowned as the world's greatest hitman. A group of self-obsessed assassins team up to take Gunther out, determined to claim the title for themselves.


This mockumentary about a wealthy couple simple-minded mission to make a difference in the lives of homeless people by distributing lollipops bearing a cheery slogan on the wrapper.

Newly married and quite wealthy, Los Angeles residents James (James Gunn) and Jenna (Jenna Fischer) want to aid less fortunate fellow citizens. After considering the adoption of conjoined twins and a program that would rid people of regrettable tattoos, the condescending couple agrees that the homeless could use their help.

The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down

Playing on the instructional video format, "The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down" tells you everything you need to know to have a successful night of partying in Los Angeles.

Taking place throughout a single night, this mockumentary stars a cast of unknown actors and offers part-satirical, part-serious advice on how to attract sex partners, get into the hottest clubs, get free drinks and score drugs. For non-partying viewers, it provides an intriguing glimpse into the LA clubbing scene.

This Is Spinal Tap

This mockumentary shines a light on the self-contained universe of a metal band struggling to get back on the charts, including everything from its complicated history of ups and downs, gold albums, name changes and undersold concert dates, along with the full host of requisite groupies, promoters, hangers-on and historians, sessions, release events and those special behind-the-scenes moments that keep it all real.

Nathan Fielder says “A lot of people come into a situation, especially when they’re being filmed, and they have a certain idea of how they want to present themselves and im trying to show who they are in some little way.”

I hope that this will help you and if you have any other questions or maybe want to share some additional tips: please leave them down below and click here to get more of ThisIndulge. I would love to read your comments 🙂

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