Apple’s passion is to show young people that they have a multitude of options available to them outside of the traditional 9-5. He lives by the quote: “the best is yet to come. Be patient” -Apple Crider {CLICK TO TWEET}

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Apple’s Story

His name is Apple Crider, he’s 20 years old, and his an entrepreneur and a college student in Madison, Wisconsin. From a young age, he has been fascinated at how people interact with money.

He can remember being six years old and observing how his mom looked at the prices of things when they went shopping. She made remarks on whether different things were “expensive” or “worth it.”

Since then, he has continued to observe how the people around him and he’s interaction with money daily. In late high school, he was learning more about how money worked and what the people who had a lot of money did to get it.

He came upon the world of investing and entrepreneurship, and he was fascinated. He started reading as many entrepreneurial books as he could get his hands-on and telling anyone who would listen about all of the things he was learning.

Unfortunately, most of his friends came back to him with something like “I’m 17; I don’t have to worry about that stuff yet.” His solution was to start making YouTube videos so that he could keep talking about the things he loves to do. They could choose to listen if they wanted to.

The Start Of Crider Media

He was inspired to start Crider Media because he saw that his favorite YouTube creators were not reaching a lot of people with their message. Because he believed in their message and saw the massive amount of value, they were bringing to their audience.

So he decided to offer to work for a few creators for free to get his foot in the door and see if he was any good. It turns out he was. Within the first month, he had transitioned all of he’s free clients into paying clients and had made about $3,000 in about three weeks.

Crider Media is a social media marketing agency and one of the first “real” businesses he started. Before Crider Media, he had many sides hustles reselling items on Amazon and providing services to small business owners locally, but nothing substantial or scalable.

He started Crider Media because he noticed there were a lot of YouTube influencers that weren’t taking full advantage of Instagram. He’s agency specialized in working with influencers with 200,000 or more subscribers to develop their Instagram presence.

A few months ago, he decided to put this business on the backburner and drop all of his clients but one to build his podcast Young Smart Money.

Start Of Young Smart Money

Before he started Young Smart Money, he doesn’t know if he even remembers knowing what a podcast was. In freshman year of college, the college radio station got word of the different businesses that he was working at that time. They invited him to the station to interview him.

He had so much fun during this interview and enjoyed the interview-based format so much, and he decided he wanted to start an interview show. Since he didn’t have access to broadcasting equipment or a radio station.

Then he stumbled upon the world of podcasting and immersed himself entirely in as much information as he could find on how to start a podcast and within the week, he had published his first three episodes.

This shift happens because he decided that he’s network was a higher priority for him than increasing his income. Crider Media was a business that was consistently bringing in $3,000-$5,000 per month and was growing.

Young Smart Money was an idea with no clear revenue stream since day one. The premise of Young Smart Money is that every day he sits down with a successful 6, 7, or 8 figure online entrepreneur. To help give an example of what is possible outside of the traditional 9-5 jobs to an audience of high school and college students.

He outsources anything that he is not good at doing. He is not very good at graphic design, so he has not designed an Instagram post in about a year for any of the accounts that he owns or manages.

The Come Up & Struggles

If you want to scale your business, you need to be focusing on taking as many things off of your plate as possible. Make a list of all of the tasks you are currently doing in your business and think about how many of them you could realistically eliminate or delegate.

He routinely does this to ensure he is not doing anything he doesn’t need to be doing. He wouldn’t say it was hard at all for him to scale Crider Media to the place where it was consistently making $3,000-$5,000 a month.

It only took a month or two to get to that level and was something that he enjoyed and was excited about every day. He was working with people that he looked up to and doing things that he was good at doing.

The hardest thing for him was deciding to let the business go since it was, his most significant income stream at the time. He realized that one of the most significant factors that led him to enjoy working on Crider Media was the people that he was working with to help grow.

He knew that he was going to have a hard time scaling past about ten clients and knew more than ten people that he wanted to connect with. So transitioning into focusing exclusively on Young Smart Money just made more sense.


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Next Innovative Project

Crider Media is pretty much on pause for the time being. If he is ever in a place where he needs to increase his income in the short-term. He can utilize it to pick up a few clients and make some supplemental income, but other than that he has mostly moved past Crider Media.

Now he’s working more in the podcasting, public speaking, and digital education spaces. His mission is to show as many young people as possible that they have a multitude of options available to them outside of the traditional 9-5.

To spread that message, he is taking advantage of Young Smart Money (now a top 100 business podcast). Right now, he is extremely focused on many of the unscalable methods available for growing his podcast and personal brand.

Every day, he sends a few dozen video DMs to followers on Instagram answering their questions, providing them with guidance, and thanking them for consuming the content.

Additionally, he sends hundreds of text DMs to followers every day to provide individualized value. That is not scalable because he is only helping one person at a time.

But he finds the impact this personalized attention gives to his audience is by far the most impactful thing. It goes above, and beyond what anyone else out there is doing for their audience. He steals like an artist.

Anytime he is looking for content ideas, he looks at hes competition and evaluates what they are doing. If he notices a pattern in content that consistently performs well, you can bet he is going to incorporate elements of that content into his own.

Now he’s not going to rip off what they did word-for-word? Absolutely not. But if he has all of this information in front of him about what people resonate with and what they don’t, it would be foolish not to take advantage of it.

Apple’s Legacy

He routinely steps back and has to ask if this is real life. Daily, he is talking with people he has looked up to for 10+ years. Grammy award-winning rappers, 17-year-old millionaires, Fortune 1000 CEOs, you name it; he has probably interviewed them. He is continually moving away from yesterday and towards tomorrow.

When he looks back at his life, he wants to be able to see individual’s whose lives he has touched. He wants to see people who took action when they were afraid to. He wants to see people who broke free of the status quo and did what they were genuinely passionate about.

He wants to see people who broke down barriers in their industries, their families, their communities, and in their lives. If he can look back and see even one person who took action and changed their life for the better. Because of something he said to them, or a piece of content he created. It was all worthwhile.

Other Bits Of Information

The person he is today got him to where he is right now. If he wants to continue to make progress in his business, he needs to evolve into the person who is capable of getting to that level.

He thinks it is essential for anyone looking to get involved in entrepreneurship to have a mentor. It doesn’t have to be a formal relationship or arrangement, but have someone that you listen to for guidance and clarity in your business.

Think of it like this, if you were driving from New York to LA and you wanted to do it without a map, you probably could. You could drive south, and drive west, and eventually, you’d probably make it.

But would you have taken the most direct route? Almost certainly not. Now try the same exercise, but now you have a GPS. A mentor is your GPS.

Notes on mentors:

  • When looking for a mentor, study their results, not their words.
  • If you want someone to mentor you, you must approach them with value.
  • Don’t be afraid to pay for mentorship. Do not be a leech.
  • A mentor can literally save you years of your life.

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